Panther P6L – Taximeter With LED Display

Panther P6L - Taximeter With LED Display


  • Installation in any type of vehicle
  • Universal mounting for any type of vehicle
  • Reinstallation in a new vehicle
  • Simple programming PC Software suite with Hasp Protection for Certified Dealers
  • Multiple fares with pre-programming option
  • Extended shift handling including driver’s breaks, taximeter lock and working hours
  • Supports advanced telematics application
  • Supports advanced data management applications (for shift, trip, etc.)
  • Connection with POS terminals, printers and variety of peripheral devices
  • Approved in accordance to the EU standards 2004/22 CE MID
  • Possibility to track your trip details using the “Trip ID”
  • Secure payments for rented cars (e.g. the taximeter remotely can be locked and unlocked)
  • Fiscal applications
  • Available in blue and red lighting