SK3 M - Inverter


For Geared and Gearless Engines

  • Closed Loop and Open Loop function for geared machines
  • Closed Loop function for gearless machines
  • Power 4kw – 90kW
  • 220VAC socket
  • Lighting: 42 VAC - 220 VAC cabin – shaft of total power 1,3kW (with earth leakage protection)
  • Safety chain 110VAC (with earth leakage protection)
  • Brake: 55 VAC/DC – 220 VAC/DC or Three-phase
  • Folding door power supply 220 VAC or 110 VAC
  • Emergency STOP button on panels door
  • Automatic doors of all types (single phase with Inverter, Three-phase)
  • Two levels of thermal protection (thermistor and electronic)
  • Automatic and manual evacuation for gearless machines
  • Optional automatic evacuation for geared machines

German Inverter KEB