Who we are

SEMITRON S.A. was established in 1980 in Thessaloniki and operates in company-owned, fully equipped facilities in the industrial area of Sindos, Thessaloniki.

Focused on the development and production of complex and smart electronic systems, it has soon managed to create top-quality Electronic devices, Taximeters and Control Panels.

The manufacturing and storage facilities covers a total area of 2200m2.

Showrooms and warehouses operate in both Athens and Thessaloniki.

Our goal is to deliver products of unique design and reliability, exceeding customers expectations.

Innovating Together

Semitron's main corporate objective is innovation and excellence, so we need the best professionals driving our vision forward. Our company's growth has been possible thanks to its reliable team of specialized employees which always aim to exceed expectations.
Semitron from its behalf, invests in employee training and development, building a strong work culture. In addition, the company offers career opportunities as well as personal development opportunities to all its people.
Here in Semitron, we inspire our employees to bring their talents and ideas to the organization and we all work together with shared values across all business units.

Our vision
To be the 1st choice in creating innovative electronic solutions globally.

Our company policy is based at 4 levels:

Quality & Reliability

Our company stands out due to the implementation of total quality at every operational and business level certified by ISO9001:2015. With cutting-edge technology and engineers of a high scientific level, SEMITRON has followed for 40 years the most suitable path to developing new products and introducing specialised solutions.

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With a wide product range, 24-hour service, premium pre- and after-sales support, customization expertise and state-of-the-art manufacturing, SEMITRON offers superior quality and unparalleled reliability.


Part of SEMITRON’s differentiation strategy is the emphasis on design in order to maximize clients satisfaction and meet every need or aesthetic demand.


Flexibility is achieved through the adjustment of the corporate mechanism to the international needs.

Research and Development

For nearly 40 years, SEMITRON S.A. is engaged in the field of Research and Development, continuously creating new technologies and products. Every product is entirely created by SEMITRON in terms of software and hardware, something that gives the company the ability to be flexible and to adjust to individual customer needs. The company’s fully automated production line and the privately owned testing laboratories ensure a consistently high quality level of manufactured products, which are certified by qualified European institutions.


SEMITRON S.A. is equipped with cutting-edge SMT production systems that enable environmental control and electromagnetic compatibility testing to be performed on every product in the stage of product launching, as well as in the stage of regular production. This way we achieve product credibility along with control for certification. Our product range is A3 certified for the Control Panels, while our company has adopted ISO 9001 quality management systems.


Semitron is a rapidly developing company currently present in 20 countries around the world while its reputation is growing.


Our highly skilled people transfer the valuable technological and operational knowledge to all our partners so as they rapidly develop a sustainable business. The support we provide is ongoing, with regular service tools and training seminars whenever new products are launched in order to guarantee a successful course.